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You know who I am. but, you don’t know how I got here.

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A graduate of Natural Sciences who began working in the Startup world in 2015. That year was the year in which many applications that were launch either long ago and evolved or new applications were built.

Here is how culinary startup changed my life until now.

Seeties: City Deals & Places
So what is seeties? Seeties is an application to make it easier for customers to find promos within the city and place recommendations. Then what was my job at that time?

At that time I just graduated from high school, I took online college majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. Then two months later I got an internship offer. I was hired to invite Merchants (restaurants, cafes, hangouts) to join our platform by offering promotions (buy 1 free 1, 50% discount, etc.).

There I didn’t know anything about how work environment with a very young age worked with older people (possibly with seniors who were about to graduate) but my willingness to learn was high compared to when I was in school lol.

Then why should Merchants join us?

  • Merchants get new users by experiencing new experiences on their cafe/resto
  • Merchants are assisted by us in terms of marketing and promotion to increase traffic and sales
  • We use formula to create promotion such as 50% discount or buy 1 free 1 — because we believe that users may not come alone (but the promotion value must be the same even though different types of dishes and price) example: buy grilled chicken free fried rice.

Starting only as an intern who acquired the Merchant, until I became the leader of the new interns that arrived. Food Directory

After my internship at Seeties, I got a job offer at Qraved as Data Collection Specialist. I collected data over 1,000 restaurants in Bandung through the website, Instagram, and also visits to get product photos, photos of the place, and restaurant information.

My job there is a very pleasant job, how can I get to know a lot of restaurant owners, taste a variety of foods, get acquainted with food bloggers (to become a foodGrammer as well hehe) Almost every day I visit restaurants in Bandung without any sense of obstacles — because for me, I can help their business grow more and help them to go online through the publication of the Qraved Journal.

After becoming a DCS, I switched divisions to a Sales team that targets all restaurants to advertise on the Qraved platform (Website, Instagram). Qraved’s core business is advertising, consultant, video grapher, and product photo services (paid partnership)

Wanna hear more about me rocketing as startup enthusiast? I’ll be back soon!

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afIf’s old memories

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